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Deformities of the Hand Post-Burns







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Due to its complex structure, any injury to the hand risks developing into debilitating deformities that will severily affect daily living functions. In the case of burns, without proper preventive measures and adequate interventions, direct damage to structures caused by heat of the hand, or secondary damage caused by scar contracture or untreated edema can all eventually develop into deformities. 

This course will help therapists working in burns to understand the most common deformties of the hand post-burn, their different causes and the mechanisms by which they develop. This knowledge is important to understand the impact of deformities on burn patients, but most important, it will help therapists be better equipped to prevent or correct them through appropriate rehabilitation interventions.

Objetivos del Curso

After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe common post-burn hand deformities

  • Explain the mechanisms of hand deformities

Contenido del curso

  • Common causes of post-burn hand deformity

  • Post-burn hand deformities and their mechanism

  • Claw hand

  • Boutonnière deformity

  • Mallet finger

  • Swan neck

  • Palmar contracture

  • Dorsal contracture deformity


  • Pre-test to evaluate the level of knowledge of participants on the topic prior to start  of the course.

  • Mini quiz after each lesson to help participants review key points.

  • Post-test to evaluate improvement/knowledge acquisition after the course. 

Criterias to pass the course:

  • Complete all the learning activities within the specified time limit.

  • Obtain a grade of 80% or more in the post-test.

Este curso es para...

Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists.

Other burn professionals (ex: nurses).

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